Discover in video the boat rental on the lake of Annecy !

With Ponton Deronzier, rent motor boats with or without a licence and pedal boats from 18€. Come and experience an unforgettable holiday on a boat for one or more hours, or even for a day. Ponton Deronzier offers boat rental at the best price.

Boat rental in Annecy
Annecy is home to one of the largest lakes in France, situated at the foot of the majestic Alps. With its beautiful scenery and 42 kilometres of shoreline, the lake is the perfect place to hire a boat for the day and sail on this vast expanse of fresh water. From your boat, you can discover the town of Annecy and its surroundings in a most original way. Renting a yacht in Annecy is therefore the perfect way to fully enjoy the region’s landscapes. Don’t hesitate, cast off!

Nestled in the heart of the Rhône-Alpes region, the town of Annecy offers sumptuous landscapes, between lakes, canals and mountains. For your visit to Annecy, Ponton Deronzier offers a wide range of boats for hire. Whether you are looking for a boat rental in Annecy for a day, for a stay with friends or with the family, you will find the boat that will meet your expectations in Annecy. We have boats that are ideal for water sports (water skiing, wakeboarding, etc.).

Some tips for sailing on Lake Annecy
Make sure you are aware of the areas that are allowed to sail as well as the prohibited areas. For example, it is not possible to navigate on the Vassé canal in the town, in the areas reserved for the abstraction of drinking water if you have a motorboat, nor in the reed beds. It is also forbidden to spend the night in your boat at anchor.

In general, we recommend that you rent a boat by the day between spring and late summer. The temperatures are pleasant and the chances of good weather are greater.

Check the legislation before going on a trip on the lake with a rental boat.

How much does a boat rental in Annecy cost?
The average price for hiring a licensed motorboat on Lake Annecy is around €300 per day. This is the most common type of boat on the lake. We advise you to go for motorboats for your day on the lake. You can also rent a boat without a licence or a pedalo.

Discover in video the boat rental on the lake of Annecy !

Boat with licence
Tarifs location bateau Annecy Doussard - Ponton Deronzier
Quicksilver 605 open  moteur 150 ch mercury
Boat without licence
Bateau 'Luxe' : 6 seats
Boat without licence rent Annecy Doussard Ponton Deronzier


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